Think Globally Act Locally

The slogan think globally act locally was popular years ago.

In all truth I align with the Green Party.

I urged readers to vote Democratic as the lesser of two evils simply because of the human rights crisis in America going on with the children at the detention centers.

Yet the truth is no one in power held the Republicans accountable for their actions while we had a Democrat for president in those last eight years.

If you ask me there should’ve been a path to citizenship given for people already here illegally. A solution should have been enacted that prevented new people from entering illegally.

As the expression goes: “The horse is out of the barn.” There’s no closing the door now.

Instead of a human response and a reasoned and reasonable response we have Mr. Toupee or #45 awarding contracts to businesses to create detention centers where children are caged and injected with drugs.

In America the government can’t get away with killing thousands of people like Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge did in Cambodia.

Yet today our government is getting away with human rights violations.

More locally, there’s no mental health treatment given for Americans who actually need psychiatric drugs to function in society.

Whether you’re a child in a cage–or an adult trapped in disability because your illness is allowed to worsen–each of these events is a human rights abuse.

We need to frame the lack of mental healthcare and the dismal care found when it’s given as a human rights violation.

Today we see images of children being caged.

What we’re not seeing I guarantee you is happening: the congress house of representatives and president are taking action to sign into law policies that take away more of our rights and pad the pockets of big business.

Trust me I’m no fan of the Democrats at this point either.

As a person who has the freedom to come and go as she pleases I’m not willing to remain silent on things that matter.

I realize the Green Party isn’t popular in America–yet it’s the only political party I can endorse at this time.


Green Party Blues

The Republicon House of Representatives has sped through approving a tax bill which squeezes every last cent out of ordinary Americans.

As a result of the new tax bill being approved the following tax deductions have become forbidden:

You can no longer deduct student loan interest on your tax return. You can no longer deduct mortgage interest on your tax return. You can no longer deduct medical expenses on your tax return. You can no longer deduct adoption costs on your tax return.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. While everyone sleeps and wakes up and goes to school or a job and comes home and cooks dinner:

Our government is passing other laws that nobody knows about that have the potential to harm us.

The famous Karl Marx quote “Religion is the opiate of the people”  is better suited to read: “Government is the opiate of the people.”

I’ve long championed in this blog that our government won’t ever be able to rectify societal ills.

Neither the liberals nor democrats nor republicans nor conservatives are political parties I can endorse. Not at all. Not any one of them can I align with.

Mr. Toupee has stated that “trans” individuals aren’t protected from discrimination via the EEOC–Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The law applies to a number of designations of individuals. Yet Mr. Toupee has failed to extend this law to cover “trans” individuals.

We have gone over an abyss and fallen in. Never mind saying we’re at the brink–the brink has long been surpassed. America has fallen and I doubt it can get up. Unless.

Unless each and every one of us heeds the call to do what our government cannot: have each other’s backs, treat each other with compassion and dignity and forgiveness, and give a hand to others who need it.

Realistically, the Green Party has no chance of becoming a mainstream force in the U.S. government. Yet the Green Party is the only one I can align with at this point.

I’ve met a Green Party candidate. He paid for the midnight dinner at a diner that a bunch of us sat at a booth enjoying. This guy is a great man.

When I first met him he was wearing a Shonen Knife T shirt. I told him that I had played that band on my radio show in the 1980s.

I have been told that I need to tame my “over-the-top language” I use in the blog. I’m been told I can’t end each blog entry with a “zinger.” I will try my best to adhere to these new rules.

One bill that might just get passed into law is H.R. 620 which some disability rights activists claim will make it easier for businesses to not have to comply with having wheelchair-accessible entrances and exits to their stores.

If you use a wheelchair you will have to go through hoops if not around in circles to get the businesses to comply with the ADA Act requirement.

I have more I want to write about the state of affairs in society. I hesitate to write about certain things because I don’t want to be complicit in diverting attention from the real issues plaguing U.S. citizens.

At the end of the day I’d rather vote for the guy wearing the Shonen Knife T shirt.

I will talk more in coming blog entries about what I think about things.

I will turn 53 in five months. I still get a kick about writing about a new pedicure.

Yet as I get older I refuse to remain silent on the things that matter to me.

In coming blog entries I will write about life and love and living left of the dial with more zest and zeal.

Thank you for reading this blog.